The Website is operated with the menu at the top left and always remains there.
Also the Date and time and the site information remain in the same place.
In the Galleries you can see the subject with the number of photos behind it
Should an error occur, you will receive a customized screen. You can report this via "Contact" button
To shift the panorama, place the mouse or your finger on the panorama.
Left mouse button pressed while sliding.
Then you can slide to the left and / or right. 360 ° panoramas can be rotated all the way.
 Slide Show
The Slide Show is easy to operate.
The show will start automatically after you have opened it. After 5 seconds the next photo comes. You have 4 buttons to operate it
Seen from the left: Previous Slide - Start Slide Show - Stop Slide Show - Next Slide
That's it, to go back to another show choose one of the Galleries buttons.
  If there is a problem or you have a question please contact us via the "Contact" button