My name is P.J.G.Boone and 67 years old (now retired). I started early photo shooting, I guess when I was 12 or 13 years old. That is when a got a Lubitel. Photographing I went along with my neighbor Peter van de Sloot. Then actually came the best camera I've had the Nikon F2 Photomic. A truly magnificent device, also had several finders and focusing screens and a rearback for 200 shots, which was necessary because the motordrive ran very fast. Also had a darkroom at home with a Opemus III and a beautiful Philips exposure meter. Many pictures developed and printed.
But then you get courtship, engaged and getting married. Getting your own house and again a dark room until the children come, bye bye darkroom. After a few years eventually sold all the photo stuff. I did very little with it because of work, continuous services and the children.
When the D70s came on the market, I picked up the photograph again, which was basically not easy. All the ancient knowledge was of analog , digital felt very different. But after a while it was going better. then you come to the point that you want a different camera. That was a Nikon D300, which was a big difference with the D70s. 'm Very satisfied with the D300 and keep it still for a while. For on the move I have a Nikon P330 with me, if something happens or you see something nice, I take a picture. Lately I also use a JVC GZ-V515BE HD movie camera, filming with a photo camera did not like me. It is a compact camera with a very good result.
Finally : " It's not the camera that takes the picture, but the person behind it ". Shooting is very personal. It gives my opinion of what I think I see.